Converse Spark Progress Series - A London Zine by photographer Sophie Wedgewood 

Photographer Sophie Wedgwood brings young London together for a zine. She teamed up with 24 emerging artists to narrate the experiences shaping the lives of young Londoners.

I shot and edited a video to coincide with the physical zine for the Converse Spark Progress series. Press for the zine published on Dazed can be found here.

Creative Director, Photographer, Director: Sophie Wedgwood, DOP & Editor for video: Sophie Farrell, Music for video: Ashley Noel-Hirst, Senior designer: Indiana Lawrence, Designer: Marvin Anozie, Stylists: Alain Suárez, Soleaux, @knwgd, Casting: @rebecsaw, Production Development: Holly Hart

Takeover series (2020)

In this short film that me and Sophie Wedgewood
created we worked with multiple members of our 
community from a variety of disciplines to document
their individual experiences during quarantine.

The film was also re-worked to be displayed on their instagram story and feed.

Commissioned by Converse_London for their instagram series
Director:Sophie Wedgwood
Editor: Sophie Farrell
Music: Omari Lyseight
VFX: Ned Grigson

Featured Creatives:
Lily Ahmet (neighbour and model) - @lilyahmet.x
Jesse Salazar (Artist) - @Jessesala.zar
Sumena Owen (Illustrator) - @sumenaowen
Nina Mdwaba (Performing artist) - @Boldieaintaboy
Sianon Foster (Blogger) - @mum.ldn
Theo Batterham (Videographer / Photographer) - @theobatterham
Steph Burrell (Dancer) - @Stephburrell
Vanessa Bedoret (Musician on violin) - @larvanest
OTC_2D4 (Designers)