MS Ray - Gave It Away (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Director: Inez Gordon
DOP: Sophie Farrell
Camera Assistant: Nadia Rouhipour
Producers: Inez Gordon, Dora Burrough & Ms Ray
Editor: Jack Layfield
Colorist: Jessica Vile Production
Assistants: Jake Slater & Christabel Holland

Full Cast in Order of Appearance: Amelia Dimoldenberg / Tom Moutchi Patrick / Turpin Michele Chorimootoo / Denise Marshall / Helen Schlesinger / Lekhani Chirwa / Jenny Dixon / Oli O’Driscoll Joseph / Callum Phillips Browne Tom / Crystal Rassmussen  / Verity Hobbs / Alice McMillan / Matt Spurr  / Nathan Foad


A weekend of live music, jam sessions, spoken word, DJ sets, talks, workshops, film, theatre and installation art.

The footage used in this video was commissioned by Brainchild festival for their 2020 infinity fields live stream.

More information about the project can be found on their instagram @Brainchildfest

Shot and edited: Sophie Farrell