A contributor-led short documentary that aims to tackle the stereotypes of sex workers presented to us in the mainstream media by giving a voice to a marginalised community.

The film presents a spectrum of subjects, discussing immigration, sexuality, media representation and societal abjection. It has an overall ethos of highlighting the progressive action which first and foremost should be taken to push for safety, security and decriminalisation.

Exhibited at: 
Goldsmiths, University of London   ‘Emergency Exit’ Degree Show 2019
Kallida Arts and Music Festival 2019
Curzon Cinema - Gold On Film     
Festival 2020


Digital Communities - The Greater London Authority

Finding your place in the hustle and bustle of a city the size of London can be a challenge. Focussing on the WhatsApp skateboarding group ‘Siblings’, it tells the story of how LQGTQIA+, people of colour, womxn, trans and non-binary people have created an inclusive safe space.

It explores how social media groups and digital communication platforms bridge the gaps between people and act as a stepping stone to real life interactions and relationships.

This project was commissioned by Greater London Authority in collaboration with the pop-up sound installation 'The Conversation Booth". My visuals aimed to interpret the research projects sonic archive.

Curated by Sophie Farrell
Animation by Sumena Owen
Music by Harvey Chapman

Exhibited on:  Greater London Autority Webpage - London Community Story

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STOPOVER  (2018)

An artistic film featuring the reflective voice of a lone hotel manager, who lent a helping hand to the Albanian-Kosova diaspora refugees in the 1990s, which fired local conflicts surrounding a struggle for acceptance.

Cinematographer: Sophie Farrell

Exhibited at:
The 2019 Gold on Film Festival


A weekend of live music, jam sessions, spoken word, DJ sets, talks, workshops, film, theatre and installation art.

Shot and edited: Sophie Farrell